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 * Mapcam - 0.1250000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03
 * Samcam - 0.0240000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03
 * Polycam - 0.6110000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03
 * Mapcam - {{{0.1250000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03}}}
 * Samcam - {{{0.0240000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03}}}
 * Polycam - {{{0.6110000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03 0.5115000000D+03}}}

Dirty Sumfiles

Basic Description

This is a MATLAB code that creates sumfiles and nominals, so that they can be used to create images for SPC. The MATLAB code is made up of two files. The first being a MATLAB function that calculates the pointing vectors to be placed in the sumfiles and nominals. The second file is a MATLAB script that generates the sumfiles and nominals.

What a Dirty Sumfile and Nominal Look Like

1993 Jul 31 12:00:00.000
  1024  1024     5 16383                                       NPX, NLN, THRSH
    0.1250000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03   MMFL, CTR
   -7.0661108898e-02   -8.6621139639e-01   -3.7713683993e-01   SCOBJ
   -4.5038310342e-01   -4.5038310342e-01    7.7091511875e-01   CX
   -8.8177551817e-01    3.5986238285e-01   -3.0491146416e-01   CY
   -1.4009638011e-01   -8.1710104979e-01   -5.5921273118e-01   CZ
    6.1333754121e-01    7.8362455606e-01   -9.8740142254e-02   SZ
 117.64700   0.00000   0.00000   0.00000 117.64700   0.00000   K-MATRIX
    0.00000D+00    0.00000D+00    0.00000D+00    0.00000D+00   DISTORTION
    0.1000000000D+01    0.1000000000D+01    0.1000000000D+01   SIGMA_VSO
    0.1000000000D-02    0.1000000000D-02    0.1000000000D-02   SIGMA_PTG

NPX, NLN, THRSH - Pic size, lower and upper dn thresholds. Code does not generate these, but are inputs.

  • Map/Sam/Polycam - 1024 1024 5 16383

MMFL, CTR - Focal length, px/ln center (boresight/optical axis). Code does no generate these, but are inputs.

  • Mapcam - 0.1250000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03

  • Samcam - 0.0240000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03

  • Polycam - 0.6110000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03    0.5115000000D+03

SCOBJ - s/c to object vector (Object Body Fixed)

CX - pixel unit vector (Object Body Fixed)

CY - line unit vector (Object Body Fixed)

CZ - boresight unit vector (Object Body Fixed)

SZ - Object center to sun unit vector (Object Body Fized)


DISTORTION - ? recommended to keep zero

SIGMA_VSO - formal scobj uncertainty

SIGMA_PTG - formal pointing uncertainty

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