Here is the Zmap list for tile1 at 18cm. You can call this MAPLISTtile1.TXT. You do not need an "END" at the end of file because SPC never calls this file. If you leave it in then LITHOS will try to tile a bigmap named "END" and it will fail.

ZN0000 ZN0208 ZN0600 ZN0808 ZN1206 ZN1608 ZS0404 ZS0612 ZS1006 ZS1406 ZN0002 ZN0210 ZN0602 ZN0810 ZN1209 ZN1612 ZS0406 ZS0614 ZS1009 ZS1409 ZN0004 ZN0212 ZN0604 ZN0812 ZN1212 ZS0200 ZS0408 ZS0800 ZS1012 ZS1412 ZN0006 ZN0214 ZN0606 ZN0814 ZN1215 ZS0202 ZS0410 ZS0802 ZS1015 ZS1415 ZN0008 ZN0400 ZN0608 ZN1000 ZN1400 ZS0204 ZS0412 ZS0804 ZS1200 ZS1600 ZN0010 ZN0402 ZN0610 ZN1003 ZN1403 ZS0206 ZS0414 ZS0806 ZS1203 ZS1604 ZN0012 ZN0404 ZN0612 ZN1006 ZN1406 ZS0208 ZS0600 ZS0808 ZS1206 ZS1608 ZN0014 ZN0406 ZN0614 ZN1009 ZN1409 ZS0210 ZS0602 ZS0810 ZS1209 ZS1612 ZN0200 ZN0408 ZN0800 ZN1012 ZN1412 ZS0212 ZS0604 ZS0812 ZS1212 ZN0202 ZN0410 ZN0802 ZN1015 ZN1415 ZS0214 ZS0606 ZS0814 ZS1215 ZN0204 ZN0412 ZN0804 ZN1200 ZN1600 ZS0400 ZS0608 ZS1000 ZS1400 ZN0206 ZN0414 ZN0806 ZN1203 ZN1604 ZS0402 ZS0610 ZS1003 ZS1403