This directory stores shape files. Out of the many shape files that can be stored in SHAPEFILES, SPC only uses one shape model at a time, SHAPE.TXT. It is the main shape model used throughout SPC.

The first line of SHAPE.TXT is the Q size (between 8 and 512 in a factor of 2 increments: 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512). The shape is in the ICQ format, which is basically a 6-sided cube.

Each subsequent line gives the vector of the surface. Bob has made a new routine (equalize) that helps distribute the vectors evenly. The vectors are in Cartesian space (x, y, z).

SHAPE00.TXT is the "baseline" shape model. This can be used to keep track of how far the new shape gets (./) do you mean "how different it becomes from"??? from the starting shape. Usually, it is turned off partway through the mission by INIT_LITHOS.TXT.

Here is a sample set of commands to show how to set up a link:

ln -s <realfile> SHAPE.TXT

Here is a sample of a shape model:

  -278.04003   278.04003   268.57872
  -276.88948   278.59369   269.11354
  -275.73912   279.14388   269.64501
  -274.58894   279.69061   270.17314
  -273.43898   280.23391   270.69794
  -272.28923   280.77377   271.21943
  -271.13971   281.31022   271.73763
  -269.99043   281.84328   272.25255
  -268.84141   282.37296   272.76420
  -267.69265   282.89927   273.27260

(Compiled by KD)