(Compiled by TC)


SIGMA.TXT is made by densify and is located in the SHAPEFILES/ directory. This file is essentially a copy of the most recently made ICQ shape file SHAPE.TXT, with a fourth column of sigma values.

First line is Q (resolution). This gives the number of nodes for i and j. Multiple it by 6 coordinate vector spaces to fill out the entire region. Note: Q*Q*6 is the total number of nodes, and line entries in this file. A Q of 512 is the largest that we represent. It contains 1.5 million vertices and 56 MB uncompressed.

Second line and following: The location of a vertex in i, j, k space (Cartesian coordinates), and the sigma value.

Example of SIGMA.TXT

     0.00810     0.19764     0.13333         0.29844E-01
     0.00871     0.19742     0.13360         0.28206E-01
     0.00932     0.19721     0.13386         0.27425E-01
     0.00994     0.19700     0.13414         0.27743E-01
     0.01055     0.19677     0.13441         0.28415E-01
     0.01116     0.19655     0.13466         0.31917E-01
     0.01177     0.19633     0.13493         0.31631E-01
     0.01239     0.19615     0.13521         0.28469E-01
     0.01300     0.19594     0.13549         0.28856E-01