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=== Example of LMRK_DISPLAY1.pgm ===



Autoregister will add landmarks to a single image. It provides basic tools for aligning the landmarks, deleting them and setting flags. When you accept the changes from the Auto align, it will update the S/C position and pointing and save it into SUMFILES. When changes are made, they are immediately accepted (i.e. there is no save option)


  • SHAPEFILES/ - (needed if you use the shape model)
  • ["IMGAGES"]/ - the image data
  • ["SUMFILES"] / - info about the maplets
  • ["LMRKLIST.TXT"] - a list of landmarks
  • ["PICTLIST.TXT"] - a list of images
  • ["LMKFILES"] / - the landmarks themselves
  • ["MAPFILES"] / - the maplets themselves

Input stdin

  • Image name
    • Note: The image name is the name that is stored in ["IMAGES"]. Some versions of ["process_img"] will make some changes to the filename, so it may not be the "original name.
  • It will list all the current landmarks that the image has.

    1     GH0001 *
    2     GG0001 *
    3     EH0001 *
   61     CF0003 *
   62     CE0003 *
   63     HE0001 *

 gc TEMPFILE.pgm
 kb =           32      kk =            1

 Add landmarks? (y/n)
  • Then it will ask you if you want to add more. If you do want to add more, it will ask you for the fractional width. Use the typical 0.5. When it asks about rejecting invisibles, normally we just hit return.

 enter fractional width (0=center) .5
 Reject invisibles? (y/n) n

    1   CB0001    0.00
    2   CB0002    0.00
    3   CR0001    0.00
   21   CB0004    0.00
   22   CA0004    0.00
   23   BA0001    0.00
  • Next it will go into main menu

=== MAIN MENU ===

...     MAIN MENU     ...

 0. Exit

 a. Auto remove
 n. Auto remove new only
 m. Manual remove
 p. Check peripheral visibility
 o. Remove low-correlation lmks

 1. Auto align
 2. Manual align

 3. Repredict px/ln
 4. Change flags
 l. Change repredict limit


  • LMRK_DISPLAY1 - 100x100 pixel of images and maplets. Unlike LITHOS, each pair is a separate landmark, consisting of a completely different location on the surface and image.
  • TEMPFILE.pgm - An pgm image of the image that we are working with.
  • LMKFILES - Updated the LMK file to contain the image that you are working with.
  • ["SUMFILES"] - Adds the new landmarks into the image's SUMFILE. Also, if you accept the suggested changes in auto align, it will update the position of the image.

Example of LMRK_DISPLAY1.pgm


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