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||Category B||Version 3.0||
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'''Figure 00: Example of map_coverage Output'''


Category B

Version 3.0


This program generates coverage for a limited area (bigmap) of what has been tiled and processed. map_coverage produces a coverage_m.pgm file that shows areas on a bigmap that have been tiled at user specified resolutions. In the image, black means the area is not covered by a maplet while covered areas are bright. The brighter the area, the more maplets overlap that area.

Near the end of processing, there may be thousands of maplets. To speed things up, the routine will read in LMRKLISTO.TXT if it exists. This file speeds up map_coverage by telling the program exactly which maplets to show rather than having it search.

Input Files

  • bigmap - a name provided in stdin

Output Files

  • coverage_m.pgm - a regional map showing what has been tiled to the specified resolution

Using map_coverage

  1. Input the filename of a bigmap:

  1. Input the min and max resolution of tiles (maplets) to show:


Here is a sample output from map_coverage:


Figure 00: Example of map_coverage Output

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