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1. Test:

  • SPC 1.1 - process_img

2. System or CSCI requirements:

  • This test will process MapCam images and created the image data needed within SPC format (unsigned int) for processing. This tests the ability of SPC to ingest the images that will be used to create the shape model.

3. Prerequisite conditions:

  • Test environment Bennu-init

4. Test Input

  • Eight test images formatted with the FITS headers that the SPOC will put on during pipleine processing. The files are actual files from MapCam, showing the file format and headers are working. It is not simulated Bennu data.


5. Instructions for conducting procedure:

        cd /SPOC_Test
        echo 1 | bin/revert.sh
        bin/testScript.sh 1.1

6. Expected test results

  • All eight files will process and produce four <filename.DAT> files in the IMAGES directory. The input files have redundant data with different processing levels, so the highest quality output file will be saved.

7. Criteria for evaluating results

  • No errors.
  • Output directly matches previous run done on the development computer. We do a binary diff that inspects every bit to ensure an exact match.
  • TEMPFILE.pgm is created as the image during the processing. This file is converted into a jpeg file for visual inspection (see attached example). The stretch on the file has been left alone, so most of the image is substantially dark.
  • Generation of an input file needed for make_sumfiles


M437140426F4    2013 NOV 07 23:52:39.050    1    1    1    2013-11-07T23:52:39_MCAM                  
M437140431F4    2013 NOV 07 23:52:44.050    1    1    1    2013-11-07T23:52:44_MCAM                  
M437140433F4    2013 NOV 07 23:52:46.050    1    1    1    2013-11-07T23:52:46_MCAM                  
M437140436F4    2013 NOV 07 23:52:49.050    1    1    1    2013-11-07T23:52:49_MCAM                 

c. Requirements traceability

  • SDP-SPC-40.01

d. Identification of test configuration

  • Input: SVN commit 5836 Software: 2.1A7

Supporting files: image 39.jpg.


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