Block 13 - BuildShape V2


Steps to build, review and install a shape model



Bob uses a copy/paste technique that is normally held in a support file densify-cut paste. I've created a script in /opt/local/spc/bin called <version> that will do the same thing in batch. It also runs view_shape to make the 8 views of the object for easy evaluation.

To make the script easier, set this variable

echo "Building the shape with suffix $ID" | tee -a notes


This is a script in /opt/local/spc/bin that will dumb down a model, then build it back up using maplets.

When this is done, you will have


Evaluate Final Results

Check to see if the offset of the centroid from the center of the system is less than the required criteria (suggest 1/2 image pixel).

Install Shape

If you like the results, you can instal the model. Review the red/blue or side-by-side images to ensure the model is good. If it isn't then uninstall the model.

Finish the Block

Once that is done, you should iterate on it at least once and rebuild the shape (go back to the top of this procedure until the shift is less than the criteria.

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