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  wc evalGood.txt evalBad.txt | tee -a notes   wc eval/evalGood.txt eval/evalBad.txt | tee -a notes
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   nohup sh run_script.b

Block 3 - Register V2


This block batch registers images. Each time you run a batch run of run_script.b (typically would have a different make_scriptR.seed), then run blockFinish to log the results.



For script, set the ID


Ensure make_scriptR.seed is linked to the script you want to run. For starters, you can use one of the default ones. If needed, you can craft something specific and place it in lsupport.

  relink.sh support/register-basic01.seed make_scriptR.seed
  relink.sh script/make_scriptR_02.seed make_scriptR.seed

  ls -l make_scriptR.seed | tee -a notes

Set-up batch register files

Replace make_script.in with a list of images that you want to use. It is important that the first character is blank and the file is terminated with an "END"

# Create a list of images that need to be processed. 
  echo working with dataset active.$ID | tee -a notes
  echo y | cp lsupport/active.$ID  make_script.in
  echo END >> make_script.in
  wc -l make_script.in | tee -a notes

Batch register images

Build the scripts. We use nohup to ensure that if the login window is lost, the process still runs.

  nohup sh run_script.b

Monitor progress

  ls *.INN | wc
  ls *.OOT | wc

Check results

This gives stats to help you see which things to work.

  wc eval/evalGood.txt eval/evalBad.txt | tee -a notes

If you so desire, especially early on, make R/B images to see the quality of the fit

   evalReg.sh make_script.in

Fix unregistered images

# Fix unregistered images


If evalBad.txt is large, then you can tweak make_scriptR.seed and rerun on the bad list

   cut -c 1-12 evalBad.txt | sed -e "s/^/ /"  > make_script.in
   echo "END" >> make_script.in

   relink ________.seed make_scriptR.seed

   echo "Rerunning with evalBad.txt" >> notes
   ls -l make_scriptR.seed >> notes
   nohup sh run_script.b

Finish the Block

  echo 2 | blockFinish ps$ID

(Compiled by EEP)

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