This seed file is used by make_scriptR, the script-maker for batch registering new images.

Using make_scriptR.seed

The following annotated make_scriptR.seed file was used for registering 450 Vesta images to Zmaps:

         m                <- reference = map
         0                <- Auto-choose Zmap
         1.0              <- Scale = 1 km
         a                <- Turn off background
         3                <- Shift image
         y                <- Autocorrelate
         XSTOP            <- Stop on no correlation
         1                <- Change scale
         0.25             <- New scale = 250 m
         3                <- Shift image
         y                <- Autocorrelate
         XSTOP            <- Stop on no correlation
         0                <- Quit
         y                <- Save new .SUM data
         n                <- Don't save rotation history
         n                <- Don't save nominal
         q                <- Quit procedure

XSTOP - This is a provision for the autocorrelation procedure to end gracefully in the event that the correlation fails.

XSKIP# - Used to to activate the autocorrelate sequence.

/!\ The last two entries of 'n' are always so. The rotation history file was introduced to keep track of pointing errors in Clementine data during Lunar orbits in an attempt to quantify systematic shifts and it is rare that we want to set the nominal file equal to the .SUM solution.

(Compiled by DL)

Based on SPOC v3.02A PDF/LITHOSPHERE/REGISTER.f File Reference

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