CASSINI Procedures

To ingest images, you first need to setup the directory. The programs are (to JRW's knowledge) unique to CASSINI.

Directory Structure


Contents of the CASSINI Directory

# Below is from Bob's email 29 July 2020
100   <- minimum size in pixels
  [makes DIONE.TXT and b/w coverage plot]
  [makes ./NEW_IMAGES/download.b]

chmod +x download.b

cd ..

../CASSINI/UTILITIES/convert.e     <- this is equivalent to PROCESS_IMG

  [makes images and puts into IMAGEFILES]

 0.  Create new SUMFILES & NOMINALS and ..
 1.  Update old NOMINALS and ..
 2.  Update old SUMFILES 
 Include Pole? (y/n)
n                                  <- ALWAYS SAY NO!

make_sumfiles.txt and INIT_LITHOS.TXT

Here is the top portion of make_sumfiles.txt with the camera model for the Cassini ISS. "608 IAPETUS" and "IAU_IAPETUS BFRAME" will need to be changed appropriately.

2                                                  NCAM
1024  1024                                         NPXA, NLNA
2002.703  512.5  512.5                             MMFLA, PX0A, LN0A
83.3333, 0, 0, 0, 83.3428, 0                       KMATA
 0, 8.28E-06, 5.45E-06, -19.67E-06                 DA
160, 4095                                          T1,T2
1024  1024                                         NPXB, NLNB
200.7761  512.5  512.5                             MMFLB, PX0B, LN0B
83.3333, 0, 0, 0, 83.3411, 0                       KMATB
 0, 60.88E-06, 5.28E-06, -71.86E-06                DB
160, 4095                                          T1,T2
1                                                  NSC
-82                                                CASSINI
1.d-1,1.d-1,1.d-1                                  sigV0
3.d-4,3.d-4,3.d-4                                  sigPT
608                                                IAPETUS
'IAU_IAPETUS'                                      BFRAME
'LT+S'                                             ABCORR


Potential Errors

When you run the output from list.e (i.e. NEW_IMAGES/download.b) you get an <Name>.IMG file for each image, even if there was an error in the download. If you don't notice there was an error and run convert.e, you get an error that looks like this ...

<rand> Iapetus$ ../CASSINI/UTILITIES/convert.e 
At line 118 of file convert.f (unit = 10, file = 'NEW_IMAGES/N1483150865_1.IMG')
Fortran runtime error: Non-existing record number

This happened to JRW because the directory structure on the PDS server is different from that in You'll have to re-download the files.

How To Make I/F for a Bigmap

To calibrate the images for I/F, use ISIS. Need both the IMG and LBL file from the PDS.

Get calibrated cube.

ciss2isis from=N1569840861_1.LBL to=N1569840861_1.cub
spiceinit from=N1569840861_1.cub WEB=TRUE
cisscal from=N1569840861_1.cub to=N1569840861_1-cal.cub

Turn float values of I/F into something 16-bit signed integer ready by multiplying by 32767 (i.e. 2^16/2 - 1)

algebra from=N1569840861_1-cal.cub to=N1569840861_1-mul.cub OPERATOR=UNARY A=32767

Now make it so SPC reads it like a normal DAT

isis2raw from=N1569840861_1-mul.cub to=N1569840861.DAT BITTYPE=S16BIT STRETCH=NONE ENDIAN=MSB STORAGEORDER=BSQ

Need to update the upper threshold in a bogus SUMFILE (make sure you copy it somewhere else before running the below!). Bob sets it to 4095, and we want it to be 32767. Testing has shown MOSIAC (and therefore rawMOSAIC) don't use the lower threshold. If you find a situation where it is using the lower threshold, you'll have to change that value to 0 (or 1).

sed -i.bak 's/  4095                                       /  32767                                      /' *.SUM

Use 1/32767 for scaling term when using rawMOSIAC

<rand> Tethys$ ../bin/rawMosaic 
 Enter 6 character map name
 Scaling Factor (multiply)
 Offset (constant to add, 0 for if other for phase)
 # Scaling:  New =    3.05185094E-05  * val +    0.00000000    
 # Images actually used:            1
 # I/F scaling, no extra term

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