F3E-Limbs Directory Set up

Important Note

The entirety of this test will take place within the /SPC_Test/F3E-Limbs directory on ormacsrv1. When ever an action is performed during the test, commands will be logged for future reference. To do this type the following commands

ls -l

Then continue with procedural step. When done with a procedural step cancel the script and place it into the /SPC_Test/F3E-Limbs/log directory. With script still enabled do the following to end it while in the test directory.

mv typescript ../log/<name/path>

1. Setting Up orig Directory

Before the F3E-Limbs test is set in motion a starting skeleton directory is handed over to the user. This directory contains the following.


Thus, the original sub directory is marked as the sub directory that every test starts from. It is set up with the following procedural block. Note that this procedural block, along with most, have been taken from Diane Lambert's F3G-Navigation Error procedures, but have been edited to suit the F3E-Limbs test.

Test F3E - Orig Directory Set-up

2. Setting up the Test Image Files

Before the test is kicked off, all text files that tell SPC which images to use in LITHOS and REGISTER need to be created. The .DAT files for the test images also have to be added to the /SPC_TEST/F3E-Limbs/base/IMAGEFILES directory. Furthermore, the perturbed SUMFILES and NOMINALS must also be added to their respected directories in /SPC_TEST/F3E-Limbs/orig/.

The general procedure for doing this is given in the procedural block below.

Test F3E Block 2 - Ingest

Below are summaries of all the text files for LITHOS to use throughout the different stages of the test. Note that these text files are placed /SPC_TEST/F3E-Limbs/lsupport directory.

The text files for REGISTER to use when bringing in images to the system are shown below.

With these text files created the PICTLIST.TXT used for each each sub-test can simply be symbolically linked to the sub-test's respected PICTLIST in /SPC_TEST/F3E-Limbs/lsupport. The same is true for when each subtests are being registered with make_script.in.

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