18 Feb 2014

Here are images that demonstrate the improvement in resolution as we include higher level images. I am using the crater floor of Marcia crater (bottom of the "snowman"). This crater has unique pits in them that is the study of several papers. This example shows that small features that exist in the LAMO image are not depicted on the initial bigmap, but once I do tiling, they become visible. This sample is good because it has peaks (positive relief), pits (negative relief) and boulders (positive relief), test many aspects of SPC.

New landmarks (360 of them) have a 20m/pix resolution.

Sample HAMO image - about 60m/pix


Sample LAMO image - about 20m/pix


The starting "bigmap" (high resolution shape model of a subregion). bigmap-pre.jpg

The next phase "bigmap". This is based on the initial tiling of the topography. bigmap-tile.jpg

Notes to myself

Run a REFMAP before you start.
- It needs to be done you start processing so you have a bigmap to compare to

Shape model will come from the original directory

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