Here is the Zmap list for tile2 at 18cm. You can name this file MAPLISTtile2.TXT. You do not need an "END" at the end of file because SPC never calls this file. If you leave it in then LITHOS will try to tile a bigmap named "END" and it will fail.

ZN0018 ZN0224 ZN0430 ZN0818 ZN1030 ZN1620 ZS0234 ZS0622 ZS0828 ZS1230 ZN0020 ZN0226 ZN0432 ZN0820 ZN1033 ZN1624 ZS0418 ZS0624 ZS0830 ZS1233 ZN0022 ZN0228 ZN0434 ZN0822 ZN1221 ZN1628 ZS0420 ZS0626 ZS0832 ZS1421 ZN0024 ZN0230 ZN0618 ZN0824 ZN1224 ZN1632 ZS0422 ZS0628 ZS0834 ZS1424 ZN0026 ZN0232 ZN0620 ZN0826 ZN1227 ZS0218 ZS0424 ZS0630 ZS1021 ZS1427 ZN0028 ZN0234 ZN0622 ZN0828 ZN1230 ZS0220 ZS0426 ZS0632 ZS1024 ZS1430 ZN0030 ZN0418 ZN0624 ZN0830 ZN1233 ZS0222 ZS0428 ZS0634 ZS1027 ZS1433 ZN0032 ZN0420 ZN0626 ZN0832 ZN1421 ZS0224 ZS0430 ZS0818 ZS1030 ZS1620 ZN0034 ZN0422 ZN0628 ZN0834 ZN1424 ZS0226 ZS0432 ZS0820 ZS1033 ZS1624 ZN0218 ZN0424 ZN0630 ZN1021 ZN1427 ZS0228 ZS0434 ZS0822 ZS1221 ZS1628 ZN0220 ZN0426 ZN0632 ZN1024 ZN1430 ZS0230 ZS0618 ZS0824 ZS1224 ZS1632 ZN0222 ZN0428 ZN0634 ZN1027 ZN1433 ZS0232 ZS0620 ZS0826 ZS1227

Here is the Zmap list for tile2 at 18cm (last edited 2016-09-14 15:32:32 by JohnWeirich)