Here is the Zmap list for tile3 at 18cm. You can call this MAPLISTtile3.TXT. You do not need an "END" at the end of file because SPC never calls this file. If you leave it in then LITHOS will try to tile a bigmap named "END" and it will fail.

ZN0038 ZN0246 ZN0454 ZN0844 ZN1242 ZN1648 ZS0442 ZS0650 ZS1042 ZS1445 ZN0040 ZN0248 ZN0638 ZN0846 ZN1245 ZN1652 ZS0444 ZS0652 ZS1045 ZS1448 ZN0042 ZN0250 ZN0640 ZN0848 ZN1248 ZS0238 ZS0446 ZS0654 ZS1048 ZS1451 ZN0044 ZN0252 ZN0642 ZN0850 ZN1251 ZS0240 ZS0448 ZS0838 ZS1051 ZS1454 ZN0046 ZN0254 ZN0644 ZN0852 ZN1254 ZS0242 ZS0450 ZS0840 ZS1054 ZS1640 ZN0048 ZN0438 ZN0646 ZN0854 ZN1439 ZS0244 ZS0452 ZS0842 ZS1239 ZS1644 ZN0050 ZN0440 ZN0648 ZN1039 ZN1442 ZS0246 ZS0454 ZS0844 ZS1242 ZS1648 ZN0052 ZN0442 ZN0650 ZN1042 ZN1445 ZS0248 ZS0638 ZS0846 ZS1245 ZS1652 ZN0054 ZN0444 ZN0652 ZN1045 ZN1448 ZS0250 ZS0640 ZS0848 ZS1248 ZN0238 ZN0446 ZN0654 ZN1048 ZN1451 ZS0252 ZS0642 ZS0850 ZS1251 ZN0240 ZN0448 ZN0838 ZN1051 ZN1454 ZS0254 ZS0644 ZS0852 ZS1254 ZN0242 ZN0450 ZN0840 ZN1054 ZN1640 ZS0438 ZS0646 ZS0854 ZS1439 ZN0244 ZN0452 ZN0842 ZN1239 ZN1644 ZS0440 ZS0648 ZS1039 ZS1442

Here is the Zmap list for tile3 at 18cm (last edited 2016-09-14 15:33:18 by JohnWeirich)