Here is the Zmap list for tile4 at 18cm. You can call this MAPLISTtile4.TXT. You do not need an "END" at the end of file because SPC never calls this file. If you leave it in then LITHOS will try to tile a bigmap named "END" and it will fail.

ZN0058 ZN0458 ZN0858 ZN1460 ZS0460 ZS0860 ZS1463 ZN0060 ZN0460 ZN0860 ZN1463 ZS0462 ZS0862 ZS1466 ZN0062 ZN0462 ZN0862 ZN1466 ZS0464 ZS0864 ZS1660 ZN0064 ZN0464 ZN0864 ZN1660 ZS0466 ZS0866 ZS1664 ZN0066 ZN0466 ZN0866 ZN1664 ZS0468 ZS0868 ZN0068 ZN0468 ZN0868 ZS0258 ZS0658 ZS1060 ZN0258 ZN0658 ZN1060 ZS0260 ZS0660 ZS1063 ZN0260 ZN0660 ZN1063 ZS0262 ZS0662 ZS1066 ZN0262 ZN0662 ZN1066 ZS0264 ZS0664 ZS1260 ZN0264 ZN0664 ZN1260 ZS0266 ZS0666 ZS1263 ZN0266 ZN0666 ZN1263 ZS0268 ZS0668 ZS1266 ZN0268 ZN0668 ZN1266 ZS0458 ZS0858 ZS1460