Install of SPC

Instructions for Mac OS

SPC is designed to run in /usr/local/bin/


SPC requires gfortran and spicelib


Once you've set up your system to compile with gfortran, you need to complete three steps.

  1. Create object files (whatever.o) for every component in the directory "COMMON". You do this by running the script AAmake _ _ COMMON_objects.txt. This was built for csh, so I find that it works well to do:

csh AAmake__COMMON_objects.txt
  1. Build the COMMON.a library. This combines all of the object files into a single library that is used for most SPC processing.

csh AAmake_COMMON_library.txt
  1. Run the script that compiles all of the SPC binaries. It is likely to be warnings, but shouldn't have any errors.

mkdir -p BIN


To complete the installation, you simply copy the items within the <srcpath>/BIN directory.

cp BIN/* /usr/local/bin/

Issue with using a PC and VM

If you get an error something like:

LITHOS.f:(.text+0x13568): relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_32S against symbol `array_' defined in COMMON section in /tmp/ccvxIrot.o

Then it may be that your system (usually a PC) is not running the system fully as 64bit architecture, but only using 32bits for some memory allocations. SPC needs to use more than 2GB, so you must have more than 32bit addressing.

You may need to add the following: -mcmodel=medium

Thus, the gfortran alias would be

alias ftn  '/usr/local/bin/gfortran -O2 -mcmodel=medium -fbounds-check'