This sets the parameters that limber uses.


'SHAPEFILES/SHAPE.TXT' Initial (Nolan q=64) ICQ model (need to update this each time, or make sure SHAPE.TXT is the current model)
1         appears in LIMVECS.TXT if d > 90 pixels 
1         PICNM.LIM created if d > 90 pixels
20        Max search range in image pixels
2         Search expansion factor (higher values search further away, Bob says to use a value of 3 with impunity)
10        Max height wrt SHAPE (scale units, in shape units. So a higher Q will result in a smaller scale unit. Scale unit in physical distance is something like "diameter of body"/Q)
12        Max phase for terminators (degrees) [a higher (lower?) max phase can result in the terminator being flagged as a limb. If the phase of the object is <50deg, can accept the terminator as a limb because the terminator will be close to the limb anyway.]