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This text file lists landmark vectors output by residuals for every landmark contained in LMRKLIST.TXT.

For each landmark listed in LMRKLIST.TXT that is contained in at least one picture or limb residuals lists this information:

  • Cols 1 to 3: VLM - Landmark center to body center vector.

  • Col 4: Landmark name

  • Col 5: HFLAG - 'F' indicates that the landmark is a flat map. 'T' indicates that the landmark has topography--an associated MAPFILE and image set.

Here is a sample LMKVECS.TXT file:

   -0.2713710561D-01    0.2626967758D+00   -0.3116810853D-01    EE0001 T
   -0.3094370945D-01    0.2625129653D+00   -0.3121141969D-01    EE0002 T
   -0.3474824700D-01    0.2622791972D+00   -0.3118245307D-01    EE0003 T

(Compiled by DL)

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