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Version 3.0


This program shows how well SPC has performed. residuals tests the landmarks to look for problems and gives reports about how well the landmarks were processed. The reports it generates are listed in the Output section.

Input Files

Optional Files

Output Files

Using residuals

After you invoke the program, it prompts:

enter 3 values (px,km,km)

Here is a sample of inputs for residuals:

     10, 0.01, 0.01

Here is a sample MAPINFO.TXT file:


Here is a sample of a single landmark in RESIDUALS.TXT:


The following shows what a bad and a fixed image look like:


Figure 00: Results from Using Residuals to Improve Processing

Additional Reference

Qualitative Checks

residuals is not the only way to check how well SPC performed. You can simply observe the maplets generated.

Here is a list of what to look for when you visually inspect a maplet to judge its quality:

How Uncertainties are Introduced in the Data

These are the main types of uncertainties and how they manifest:

Often the above contributions are correlated; you may not be able to separate individual contributors until you have taken many processing steps.


If overlap and limb weights in INIT_LITHOS.TXT (i.e. PICWTS and LMKWTS keyword) are set to 0, then RESIDUALS.TXT will not display the residuals of these values.

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