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This program aligns maplets to the current shape model and provides slight changes to the shape (stored in MAPFILES).

lithos is the key for SPC. It works on a single landmark, which defines the associated maplet. This landmark must be created (i.e., fully defined) and all the images it includes must be shifted so that everything is aligned. Once those steps are done, you can calculate the topography, which includes identifying other maps that overlap, creating a template, and then solving the whole system.

The outputs from make_scriptT and make_scriptP are used as input to lithos and lithosP for batch processing. The make_script program will create an entry for each landmark in the script.b. You will then process it as input, like this: 'lithos < LAND01.INN > LAND01.OOT'

Throughout LITHOS, you can simply hit 'Enter' for the default selection, which is usually indicted by brackets.

Required Files

Output Files

Optional Files

Using lithos

lithos is an interactive program that runs from a Main Menu. To access the Main Menu from anywhere within lithos, type '?' at the user prompt.

For information about each of the Main Menu options, click on its link in the Main Menu sample below:

When you're using LITHOS, you can see the most recent updates in the two files that are displayed every time the Main Menu is loaded. This sample shows how those appear:

 Current landmark = EE0001
SCALE =  0.000100 QSZ =   49
 Lat/Lon/Rad =     -6.800   264.090     0.266
 Region = EE


 check display

Below is a sample of LMRK_DISPLAY0.pgm. It displays the raw images (i.e., without brightness scaling). This image is the data used by lithos for the correlation evaluation.


Figure 00: Rarely Used Output from LMRK_DISPLAY0

Below is a sample of LMRK_DISPLAY1.pgm. It displays images with the brightness stretched to bring out features and make the images more "readable". This image is used by human operators extensively while while operating lithos.


Figure 00: Rarely Used Output from LMRK_DISPLAY1

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