This text file includes date and range information output by residuals for each picture listed in PICTLISTS.TXT or PICTLIST.TXT.

residuals checks each picture listed in PICTLISTS.TXT, if it exists, or PICTLIST.TXT. If the picture name does not include a prefix of # or !, it lists date and range information in RANGES_SOLVED.TXT.

Here is a sample RANGES_SOLVED.TXT file:

       -202607939.82    0.1747612145D+01        P3T11S2H0409
       -202607939.82    0.1747612144D+01        P3T11S2H0410
       -202607939.82    0.1747612144D+01        P3T11S2H0411
       -202607939.82    0.1747612144D+01        P3T11S2H0412

The output contains this information:

(Compiled by DL)

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