This text file contains a list of newly created landmarks.

LMRKLIST1.TXT can be deleted at any time with no repercussions. However, it is useful for various things.

For example, if you delete LMRKLIST1.TXT right before tiling at 35cm, then after you have finished tiling you will have a list of all the landmarks at 35cm. You can then save this list in a different file and store it for future use.

Also, the landmarks in LMRKLIST1.TXT are read by EXPORT, and these are the only landmarks that get exported. If a program tries to use LMRKLIST1.TXT but it does not exist, that program creates an LMRKLIST1.TXT.

Another important input file which should be read instead of LMRKLIST.TXT is LMRKLISTX.TXT. In the limit of a very large number of landmarks > 20 K, reading the LMRKLISTX.TXT file when you load a landmark into lithos will result in substantial time savings compared to reading the LMRKLIST.TXT file.

(Compiled by JRW)

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