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Version 3.0


This program is the same as MAKE_TILES, but it also creates <sequence>.INN files that can be run in parallel. In other words, MAKETILESP allows bigmapL to run all the <sequence>.INN files it has made at the same time rather than one at a time.

Like MAKE_TILES, MAKE_TILESP builds <sequence>.INN files that are used to make Z-maps with bigmapL. Z-maps are essentially a combination of bigmaps that, together, fully wrap around the shape model.

MAKE_TILESP creates a <sequence>.INN file for every row in the input file MAPLIST.TXT.

Required Files

Output Files


Here is a sample of the screen output from MAKE_TILESP:

chmod +x MAKE_TILES01.b
chmod +x MAKE_TILES02.b
chmod +x MAKE_TILES03.b
chmod +x MAKE_TILES04.b

./MAKE_TILES01.b &
./MAKE_TILES02.b &
./MAKE_TILES03.b &
./MAKE_TILES04.b &

Each <MAKE_TILES##>.b file the following structure, containing one or more lines like this:

 /usr/local/bin/bigmapL < F00001.INN > F00001.OOT 

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