This directory contains all of the maplets and bigmaps that have been created.

mapfile Contents

Each mapfile contains a short header that looks like this:

 # Qsize           49
 # Scale    9.9999997473787516E-006
 # Vector   -2.6262991130352020E-002  0.26271706819534302       -3.1600955873727798E-002
 # Ux    6.2937657348811626E-003 -0.13774713873863220      -0.99044746160507202     
 # Uy  -0.99829435348510742       -5.8354031294584274E-002   1.7719966126605868E-003
 # Uz   -5.8040685951709747E-002  0.98874694108963013      -0.13787946105003357 

The mapfile header outlines basic information about the maplet (half-size, scale, central vector, coordinate frame) as well as the height and albedo values for each maplet pixel.

The mapfile is made up of 72 byte records. The first record contains information describing the size, scale, orientation and position of the map as listed here:

* heights are in units of map scale

+ these are pretty much unused as far as I can see--how to word?

The remaining records are made up of 3 byte chunks:

If there is missing data at any point, both height and albedo are set to zero.

(Compiled by TC)