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This text file lists maplet resolution information for maplets contained in at least one picture or limb.

MAPRES.TXT is output by the program residuals. For each landmark listed in LRMKLIST.TXT which is contained in at least one picture or contains at least one limb appearance, residuals outputs information to MAPRES.TXT.

Here is a sample MAPRES.TXT file:


EE0001    24     0.00010       0.246       0.010       0.233       0.261
EE0002    24     0.00010       0.246       0.009       0.234       0.259
EE0003    24     0.00010       0.246       0.007       0.236       0.256

The columns contain these data:

  • LMKNM - landmark name

  • NPIX - number of pictures containing the landmark, plus the number of limb appearances for the landmark

  • SCALE - scale in km/pixel

  • RESAV/SCL - average image resolution per unit scale

  • RESSD/SCL - standard deviation image resolution per unit scale

  • RESMN/SCL - minimum image resolution per unit scale

  • RESMX/SCL - maximum image resolution per unit scale

    (!) RES/SCL = the number of pixels or lines moved in image-space for a change in location of a point on a maplet as the point moves in the maplet frame.

(Compiled by DL)

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