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This text file lists landmarks that were eliminated from at least one picture for one of these reasons following register, autoregister, or autoregisterP batch processing:

  • low correlation
  • no correlation

The batch processes initiated by make_scriptR, make_scriptA, and make_scriptAP produce output files PICNM.OOT. These outputs are basically listings of the register, autoregister, or autoregisterP standard output for each input picture. find_nofit searches these output files for each picture listed in the make_script.in file to identify pictures that may need further work. The following instances cause the picture to be listed in REMOVED.TXT:

cat PICNM.OOT - image not correlating with at least one maplet.

Here is a sample REMOVED.TXT file:

AA0001                <- maplet eliminated from an image for low or no correlation

(Compiled by DL)

CategoryFiles CategoryOutputFiles

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