Category B

Version 3.0.1


For the OSIRIS-REx mission, the level of accuracy and resolution is exceptionally high. As such, the difference between the spacecraft's center of mass and the focal plane of each camera becomes an important parameter. Without using additional frame kernels, SPC has the ability to add an offset between the center of mass to the focal plane for each camera. These values are stored in SCOBJ_SHIFT.TXT.

The file must be stored in the kernel directory.


Units of X, Y and Z are in millimeters.


One should provide a separate row for each camera defined in make_sumfiles.txt. SPC will use the 1st digit as the index for the camera (thus, they don't have to be in order). The camera ID needs to match the ID that is used in make_sumfiles.txt


Here is a sample SCOBJ_SHIFT.TXT file.

1  0  0  0
2  0  0  0
3  2  3  4
4  1  1  3
5  1  1  3