Category B

Version 3.0.1


During calibration, it is expected that the team will identify some level of adjustment that is needed to the focal length of the camera as a function of temperature. While OCAMS appears to have little adjustment, TAGCAM appears to need some corrections. These values are provided in the TMP2FOCLEN.TXT. The constant coefficient is MMFL(T)-MMFL(make_sumfiles.txt). Temperature corrected focal length is written to SUMFILE.

The values in the file are the coefficients for the standard quadratic equation y = A * x^2 + B * x + C

The current values are a simple linear functions y = B * x; however, the system allows for more complex adjustments if needed without a code change.

This file must be stored in the kernel directory.






The Camera ID number

Coefficient A for the x squared term

Coefficient B for the x

Coefficient C for a constant

Units of A, B, C are in mm.


One should provide a separate row for each camera defined in make_sumfiles.txt. SPC will use the 1st digit as the index for the camera (thus, they don't have to be in order). The camera ID needs to match the ID that is used in make_sumfiles.txt


Here is a sample TMP2FOCLEN.TXT file.

1  0  0  0
2  0  0  0
3  0  0  0
4  0  -2.3750e-4  0
5  0  -2.3750e-4  0