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|| Truth || Model (1.25 cm GSD) || || Truth || Model (1.25 cm GSD) ||

OBoptimal Results (Tanner)

General Stats

Tiling step

RMS (cm)

5 cm


2.5 cm


1.25 cm



During this test we were still largely unhappy with the results we were getting from iterating so my test differed from Kris' in the sense that he iterated between each tiling and I did not. It is clear from our results, however, that the few iterations he did, did not have an overly adverse effect on the RMS of the evaluation site. Our final results differed by only 0.17%.

View Map RGB


Model (1.25 cm GSD)



Topographical 2D Map

For this 2D map the colors indicate the difference between truth and effort heights at each pixel in meters. The blue color shows places on the tag site were the truth topography is lower than the effort's while the red shows places where the truth topography is higher than the effort's. Thus, from observing the traces, blue blotches are craters while the red blotches are boulders. Overall, this plot shows that that the deviation between is truth and effort mostly occurs at boulders and craters, which would cause the RMS from CompareOBJ to be higher than if than if the boulders and craters did not exist.


This traces, show that the topography belonging to the effort follows that of the truth, but does not quite catch sharp jagged features, which is expected due to the smoothing that occurs during SPC.

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