When to Fix Landmarks

At the end of each tiling or iteration, a form of find_nofit (T or P) is used to check for bad landmarks.

A common find_nofit output will look something like this:

EQ0004:   cat 004.OOT 
EP0002:   cat 005.OOT 
EP0003:   cat 006.OOT 
EO0003:   cat 007.OOT 
EN0003: * cat 008.OOT 
EN0004: * cat 009.OOT 
EM0003: . cat 010.OOT 
EM0004: * cat 011.OOT 
132 deleted
   !  cat 132.OOTThe 

The Four main types of find_nofit outputs are:

All errors are worth recording, but the only output from find_nofit that warrants serious concern is *. Whenever a * is present in the find_nofit output the landmark that * is associated with must be fixed. To fix bad land marks lithos is used in the working directory.

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