J Weirich conversed with R Gaskell on Feb 13, 2017

This is only relevant for v3p1 and albedo.f. If you are using this version, it would be prudent to include these parameters in INIT_LITHOS.TXT. I tried just switching over to the v3p1 software with the same INIT_LITHOS.TXT I used for v3p0 and things went unstable.

There is a line required in INIT_LITHOS.TXT and for albedo.f called TPARS. It looks like this.

TPARS= 1.D0 1.5 .05 1 2 6 0 0 0 0

For albedo.f, you need a file called ALBEDO.TXT. I think you a line that has the TPARS line (though without the TPARS=) another line below TPARS that has four parameters.

The ALBEDO.TXT file should, I think, look like this...

1.D0 1.5 .05 1 2 6 0 0 0 0
0.05 0.025 30 2


There is a version of albedo.f called ALBEDOX.f; currently in X-files/source/. This needs to be tested more, but preliminary testing shows it runs using similar criteria as albedo.f.

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