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Version 1.2 - Eric Palmer This program will convert Cartisian points (x, y, z) to lat,lon,radius. Also has an option for a 4th column

File Setup

If using an ICQ:

  1. first make sure the first line has x, y, z values and not Bob's single line description
  2. Make sure to convert any D's to E's (i.e. Bob uses scientific notation with D's that C doesn't recognize)


~/bin/convertLatLon SHAPE.TXT > output

  • Output is to the screen and needs to be redirected.
  • Output is col1 Elon; col2 lat; col3 radius in km


<rand> Tethys$ cat tmp2
   -0.28826E+03    0.32283E+03    0.30405E+03
   -0.28777E+03    0.32308E+03    0.30431E+03
   -0.28705E+03    0.32341E+03    0.30469E+03

<rand> Tethys$ ~/bin/convertLatLon tmp2
131.76218       035.08895       528.922913
131.69171       035.12069       528.958252
131.59140       035.16880       528.987427

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