= Overview =

5.5 Runs through make_sumfiles.in and checks each <maplet>.OOT file for errors.

Output may be exact (diff)

= Input =


= Output =

When running, you'll see an ! for each processor that is running and the total number of files checked.

!  cat EQ0007.OOT 
!  cat EQ0008.OOT 
!  cat DQ0060.OOT 
!  cat DQ0061.OOT 
!  cat DQ0062.OOT 
!  cat EQ0040.OOT 
!  cat EQ0041.OOT 
!  cat DJ0599.OOT 

There are no errors in this case.

When all done, run it again to see where there issues.

No files is good.