5.14 Shows the errors as you process

Output will be exact (diff)


After run_script.b is done, then...



DJ1184:   cat 080.OOT 
DJ1185:   cat 081.OOT 
DJ1186:   cat 082.OOT 
DJ1204:   cat 100.OOT 
DJ1209:   cat 105.OOT 
DJ1210:   cat 106.OOT 
DJ1222:   cat 118.OOT 
DJ1223:   cat 119.OOT 
DJ1224:   cat 120.OOT 
DJ1225:   cat 121.OOT 
DJ1226:   cat 122.OOT 
DJ1227:   cat 123.OOT 
DJ1228:   cat 124.OOT 
DJ1229:   cat 125.OOT 
DJ1230:   cat 126.OOT 
DJ1241:   cat 137.OOT 
DJ1245:   cat 141.OOT 
DJ1260:   cat 156.OOT 
DJ1261:   cat 157.OOT 
DJ1262:   cat 158.OOT 
DJ1263:   cat 159.OOT 
DJ1264:   cat 160.OOT 
DJ1265:   cat 161.OOT 
DJ1277:   cat 173.OOT 
DJ1279:   cat 175.OOT 
DJ1282:   cat 178.OOT 
DJ1283:   cat 179.OOT 
DJ1294:   cat 190.OOT 
DJ1295:   cat 191.OOT 
DJ1297:   cat 193.OOT 
DJ1305:   cat 201.OOT 
DJ1306:   cat 202.OOT 
DJ1307:   cat 203.OOT 
EJ1199:   cat 209.OOT 
EJ1204:   cat 214.OOT 
EJ1208:   cat 218.OOT 
EJ1209:   cat 219.OOT 
EJ1211:   cat 221.OOT 
EJ1212:   cat 222.OOT 
EJ1213:   cat 223.OOT 
EJ1222:   cat 232.OOT 
EJ1228:   cat 238.OOT 
EJ1229:   cat 239.OOT 
EJ1230:   cat 240.OOT 
EJ1232:   cat 242.OOT 
EJ1233:   cat 243.OOT 
EJ1237:   cat 247.OOT 
EJ1247:   cat 257.OOT 
EJ1248:   cat 258.OOT 
EJ1249:   cat 259.OOT 
EJ1250:   cat 260.OOT 
EJ1251:   cat 261.OOT 
EJ1252:   cat 262.OOT 
EJ1256:   cat 266.OOT 
EJ1257:   cat 267.OOT 
EJ1258:   cat 268.OOT 
EJ1259:   cat 269.OOT 
EJ1265:   cat 275.OOT 
EJ1266:   cat 276.OOT 
EJ1267:   cat 277.OOT 
EJ1277:   cat 287.OOT 
EJ1278:   cat 288.OOT 
EJ1279:   cat 289.OOT 
EJ1284:   cat 294.OOT 
EJ1302:   cat 312.OOT 
EJ1303:   cat 313.OOT 
EJ1312:   cat 322.OOT 
EJ1321:   cat 331.OOT 
EJ1322:   cat 332.OOT 
EJ1330:   cat 340.OOT 
EJ1340:   cat 350.OOT 
EJ1341:   cat 351.OOT 

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