Use example

After registering a set of images (e.g., Block 3 - Register v2) or anytime you want to see how the shape model compares to a list of images. The Support Tools need to be in your $PATH before running the following in the SPC directory you are working in.

To run the script, provide the path to a list of images that you wish to run. The script will make load each image into register and then save out the red/green comparison and the model/shape comparison (i.e., TEMPFILE.ppm and TEMPFILE.pgm). It places those images in the ~/send directory. Currently, the scale for register is hardcoded into the script.

  support/evalReg.sh pics-for-regEval.txt


The script places the register images in the ~/send directory. It prints to Terminal the name of the image it is running and the number of images to go. For example:

Running D717892208F0 (1 of       10 pics-for-regEval.txt)

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