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Version 3.0


This program reads the image names from the LIMBLIST1.TXT file and documents any matches of those image names with the image names in LMRKLIST.TXT. The output consists of the landmark name and the number of matching images within LIMBLIST1.TXT.

Required Files

Output Files

Using make_list

To run make_list, just type 'make_list' in the command prompt.

Here is a sample LIST.TXT file for a LIMBLIST1.TXT file that had 4 pictures:

BH0001         2
BK0001         1
CF0001         3
CG0001         3
CG0002         4
CG0003         3
CH0001         4
CH0002         4
CH0003         4
CI0001         3
CI0002         4
CI0003         1
CI0004         3

Additional Reference

[From make_list.f]

Filename                      I/O  Description
----------------------------  ---  -------------------------------
LIMBLIST1.TXT                  I   List of images to be match w/
                                   images in landmark files
LMRKLIST.TXT                   I   List of current landmarks
<LMRKNM>.LMK                   I   Landmark files whose PICTURES
                                   entries will be matched w/
                                   images in LIMBLIST1.TXT
LIST.TXT                       O   List of landmarks that had
                                   images that matches the images
                                   in the LIMBLIST1.TXT and the
                                   number of images that were

(Compiled by JW)


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