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In general, this program ingests images into SPC, building the sumfiles and nominals.

make_sumfiles takes in the name and camera position of the images from The program then

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Using make_sumfiles

The following sample shows the standard inputs and the list of options for make_sumfiles:

 Use B-Frame? (y/n)
 0.  Create SUMFILES & NOMINALS and ..
 1.  Update old NOMINALS and ..
 2.  Update old SUMFILES

Usually, the B-Frame is not selected. The author has never selected it.

Enter the appropriate option:

Additional Reference

Alternative Description

Combines the converted image file with the image number, spacecraft state, spacecraft position & velocity and pointing information along with the associated calculated errors (Sigmas).


Option 0 creates .SUM and .NOM files for any new images but leaves all others

C     unchanged.  Additionally, option 1 updates all .NOM files.  Option 2 dies all of the
C     above and makes changes in all .SUM files.  The possible changes, specified in new
C     entries in make_sumfiles.txt, are:
C           Update UTC? (y/n)
C           Update image thresholds? (y/n)
C           Update camera parameters? (y/n)
C           Reset geometry? (y/n)
C           Reset sigmas? (y/n)
C     The procedure first uses SPKEZ to calculate the spcaecraft - object vector SCOBJ and
C     the unit vector to the Sun in inertial space at the ephemeris time ET of an image.
C     It also determines the light time LT from the s/c to the target.  It then determines
C     the transformation matrix from the camera frame (INST) to inertial space (TTVI) at
C     time ET using the SPICELIB routine PXFORM.  Now all relevant quantities are available in
C     inertial space.  In SPC all these quantities are used in the body-fixed frame, so we again
C     use PXFORM to translate from inertial to body-fixed (TIPM).  We do this not at ET but at
C     ET-LT, since this is when the light forming the image left the target body.

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