New Test 11 Version I

The page contains the results of the New Test 11 version I. Essentially, version I tested the performance of the SPC software when pictures centered on a con with its top cut up were taken at spacecraft azimuth's varying every 60 degrees. The Goal of this test along with the other versions of Test 11, were to see how picture info affects SPC's ability and speed in replicating a 20 degree slope.

Results & Conclusions





Iteration 1^ newt11-i1.png

Iteration 2^ newt11-i2.png

Iteration 3^ newt11-i3.png

Iteration 5^ newt11-i5.png

Iteration 10^ newt11-i10.png

Iteration 15^ newt11-i15.png

Iteration 20^ newt11-i20.png

Landmark Pictures

Iteration 1: new11_lmrk-i1.png

Iteration 20: new11_lmrk-i20.png.png

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