Category DART

Version 1.0


shape_coverage is used to show how many maplets are on the shape model.

It produces a text file called COVERAGE.TXT that indicates where a particular shape model is covered by maplets meeting specific criteria. The fourth column in COVERAGE.TXT is an "albedo" that correlates with the number of maplets covering that location. COVERAGE.TXTshape_coverage is often used as an input into shape2mapsA. view_shapeA can then be used to visualize the coverage on the shape.

Input Files

Shape_coverage will read the files DNS_LIST.TXT, LMRKLISTR.TXT, and DNS_IGNORE.TXT if they exist. Maplet coverage will only be shown on the shape only if a maplet is present in the list being used. In order of precedence, it goes DNS_LIST.TXT, LMRKLISTR.TXT, LMRKLIST.TXT. If DNS_IGNORE.TXT exists, shape_coverage will not show the locations of any maplets on that list, regardless of whether they meet the other criteria or appear in LMRKLIST.TXT, DNS_LIST.TXT, or LMRKLISTR.TXT.

Output Files

Using shape_coverage

1. Run shape_coverage.

Provide the full path to the shape model and the search parameters: smin smax tol minpic

0 .010 .1 0

2. Use COVERAGE.TXT as an input to shape2mapsA


3. Use view_shapeA to visualize the coverage on the shape. Note that if you only run view_shape, you will not see the coverage.

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