Category DART

Version 1.0


shape_coverage produces a text file called COVERAGE.TXT that indicates where a particular shape model is covered by maplets meeting specific criteria. The fourth column in COVERAGE.TXT is an "albedo" that correlates with the number of maplets covering that location. COVERAGE.TXTshape_coverage is often used as an input into shape2mapsA. view_shapeA can then be used to visualize the coverage on the shape.

Input Files

Shape_coverage will read the files DNS_LIST.TXT, LMRKLISTR.TXT, and DNS_IGNORE.TXT if they exist. Maplet coverage will only be shown on the shape only if a maplet is present in the list being used. In order of precedence, it goes DNS_LIST.TXT, LMRKLISTR.TXT, LMRKLIST.TXT. If DNS_IGNORE.TXT exists, shape_coverage will not show the locations of any maplets on that list, regardless of whether they meet the other criteria or appear in LMRKLIST.TXT, DNS_LIST.TXT, or LMRKLISTR.TXT.

Output Files

Using shape_coverage

1. Run shape_coverage.

smin smax tol minpic

where smin is the minimum maplet scale in km you wish to include, smax is the maximum maplet scale in km you wish to include, tol is a search range along surface normal (i.e., how far to search for a maplet; same idea as densify), and minpic in the minimum number of pictures. If set to 0, then all maplets will be considered.

2. Use COVERAGE.TXT as an input to shape2mapsA


3. Use view_shapeA to visualize the coverage on the shape. Note that if you only run view_shape, you will not see the coverage.