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Support script. The current script is maintained in ~/Dropbox/Dawn-shape/scripts-limited-copy.

This script will run an rsync to make the current directory copy any files that changed from ~/Dropbox/Dawn-shape/work_generic. work_generic is a directory in Dropbox that Bob will keep up to date with landmarks and mapfiles that get added/changed as we tile Vesta.

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# 1 Dec 2011 - This just make the current working directory match the main
#                       source directory.  Bob will maintain the source directory, which
#                       is automatically updated via Dropbox.  We manage our working 
#                       directories.  Rsync avoid coping files we don't need, it ensures
#                       we don't accidently delete someone in the Dropbox folder, and 
#                       it leaves files that we generate ourselves that do not conflict
#                       (such as images and such)

rsync -va ~/Dropbox/Dawn-shape/work_generic/ .

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