Block 4 - Autoregister V2


This block batch autoregisters images


Set-up scripts/make_scriptA_01.seed make_scriptA.seed
  ls -l make_scriptA.seed | tee -a notes

Set-up batch autoregister files

Replace with a list of images that you want to use. It is important that the first character is blank and the file is terminated with an "END"

# Create a list of images that need to be processed.  
  cp lsupport/imageList.far\
  echo END >>

Batch autoregister images

Build the scripts. We use nohup to ensure that if the login window is lost, the process still runs.

  nohup sh run_script.b &
  sleep 2 ; tail -f nohup.out

Monitor progress

  ls *.INN | wc
  ls *.OOT | wc

Evaluate Progress

Use the "notes" file to keep track of any problem images. will read the OOT files and provide feedback on how many landmarks are in each image and how many landmarks "tried" and failed.

If there are fewer than 5 landmarks, you may consider doing these by hand. First, look at TESTFILES at the <IMG>.pgm to see how good the landmarks look. Run autoregister to clean up images that are a problem. If there are too few, you might consider tucking them away (option in lithos and register.

  find_nofit | tee -a notes

Finish the Block

Once errors have been removed, then you can finish the block. If you want to rerun things with different parameters, then finish this block and start over.

  echo 5 | blockFinish far\

(Compiled by EEP)