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  relink.sh scripts/Piterate1ShSt.seed make_scriptP.seed   relink.sh scripts/Piterate1St.seed make_scriptP.seed

Block 5 - Iterate V2


This block iterates a set of landmarks specified by the user, using the lithosP.



  • Ensure make_scriptP.seed is linked to the script you want to run. For starters, you can use one of the default ones. If needed, you can craft something specific and place it in lsupport.
  • Run make_lmrklist (Any landmark that is not in LMRKLISTX.TXT will not be added to images!!!!)

  relink.sh scripts/Piterate1St.seed make_scriptP.seed 
  ls -l make_scriptP.seed >> notes

Make List of Landmarks to Process

The list of landmarks you want to process is taken from make_script.in. Typical options:

  1. An entire set of landmarks (copy LMRKLIST.TXT)

  2. Just the landmarks used to make a BIGMAP (copy over USED_MAPS.TXT)

  3. Just the newest landmarks created (copy overLMRKLIST1.TXT )

  make_scriptP | tee run.sh

Run the Batch Iteration

  ls -l make_scriptP.seed | tee -a notes
  echo "Running iteration at " `date` >> notes
  sh run.sh

Monitor Progress

Typically, you use find_nofitP to see the errors and progress. Additionally, you can use monitor to control the start, stop, looping and notification of the iterations.

  ls -l *.INN *.OOT

Evaluate Final Results

Use find_nofit to get redo.txt, which is good to use for notes and tracking of the corrections tracking. iterateEval.sh provides more detail on number of images have a problem (both correlation and overlaps). Fix the errors to a point you have a stable solution.

  cat redo.txt >> notes

Finish the Block

Once errors have been removed, then you can finish the block. If you want to rerun things with different parameters, then finish this block and start over.

  echo 8 | blockFinish far\

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