Block 6B - Bigmap Tiling V2


This block is used to tile the surface with high-resolution, bigmap-referenced landmarks.


Set Up

Define the following:

Create a Bigmap

The bigmap used here created the reference for both the position of the landmarks and the initial topography. Thus, you want the bigmap to be fresh. Because this is highly scripted, it works best to created symbolic link from the original name to XXXXXX.MAP.

BIGMAP < lsupport/
cd ..
convert XXXXXX.pgm lowMap.jpg

Run Map Coverage

Map coverage shows how many landmarks of a given resolution range [in km] fall within the bigmap. Because we linked the prime bigmap to XXXXXX, we can use a default script.

0 .001
convert coverage_m.pgm preCoverage.jpg

Build Tilefile

make_tilefile uses the coverage_m.pgm file as input to see where landmarks are needed. This is needed for when there are bigmaps that overlap one another, which is common because bigmaps are square, but latitude lines are not. Once you have the "tmp" file, you can build the file by hand. We set this custom file in lsupport and make a symbolic link to

  echo N | make_tilefile > tmp
  echo XXXXXX > lsupport/
  echo scripts/XXX014.seed >> lsupport/
  sed 1d tmp >> lsupport/ lsupport/

Build and Run

This will create a INN file for every lat/lon set in Warning, do not use for more than 999 new landmarks. If you do, FORTRAN will make a script of rm ****.OOT and mess things up.

  nohup sh run_script.b

Monitor progress

It takes about 5 minutes per landmark to generate. SPC builds landmarks in the working directory, so you can use SPC tools (the web services) to see how things are progressing. If you have to kill and restart the tiling, you need to comment out the lines in run_script.b or delete the landmarks from LMRKLIST.TXT and LMKFILES.

  ls *.INN | wc
  ls *.OOT | wc
  find_nofitT       # This displays if there were any problems

Evaluate Progress

Once you are done, take a state of how things were left. Fix the problem landmarks and keep track of the progress using notes.

  find_nofitT | tee fit
  grep "*" fit >> notes           

Finish the Block

Once errors have been removed, then you can finish the block. You may choose to use iterations or residuals to identify other errors. blockFinish will note which INN files resulted in un-generated landmarks (deleted).

  blockFinish Ap\

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