Here is the Zmap list for final tiling at 18cm. You can call this MAPLISTtilefinal.TXT. You do not need an "END" at the end of file because SPC never calls this file. If you leave it in then LITHOS will try to tile a bigmap named "END" and it will fail.

ZN0016 ZN0616 ZN1218 ZN1800 ZS0670 ZS1269 ZN0036 ZN0636 ZN1236 ZS0216 ZS0816 ZS1418 ZN0056 ZN0656 ZN1257 ZS0236 ZS0836 ZS1436 ZN0070 ZN0670 ZN1269 ZS0256 ZS0856 ZS1457 ZN0216 ZN0816 ZN1418 ZS0270 ZS0870 ZS1469 ZN0236 ZN0836 ZN1436 ZS0416 ZS1018 ZS1616 ZN0256 ZN0856 ZN1457 ZS0436 ZS1036 ZS1636 ZN0270 ZN0870 ZN1469 ZS0456 ZS1057 ZS1656 ZN0416 ZN1018 ZN1616 ZS0470 ZS1069 ZS1668 ZN0436 ZN1036 ZN1636 ZS0616 ZS1218 ZS1800 ZN0456 ZN1057 ZN1656 ZS0636 ZS1236 ZN0470 ZN1069 ZN1668 ZS0656 ZS1257

Here is the Zmap list for final tiling at 18cm (last edited 2016-09-14 16:25:49 by JohnWeirich)