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== Email From the One and Only Bob Gaskell ==

This is all part of the WOBBLE stuff and can be ignored for testing until the procedures settle down. It is being developed and tested with simulated ROSETTA data that has major excited rotational state issues. The procedures appear to be working, but they're a bit ungainly and I'm looking for ways to make the procedure smoother. Laurent and Claire from Marseille will be spending next week with me to beat on just these issues, and Nick, from JPL who is doing shadow nav for ROSETTA will be joining us for a day (he's the first avatar). Note that as long as WOBBLE is not mentioned in INIT_LITHOS, or if WOBBLE=.FALSE. then nothing will change in the testing.

from Gaskell email: 14 May 2014



This text file contains the nominal spacecraft to object center vector and camera orientation all in inertial space (J2000) for each picture. IFRAME.TXT is created by the routine make_sumfiles.

In IFRAME.TXT, the SCOBJ vector is in meters. RA, DEC, and TWIST are in degrees. SRA and SDEC are the error in RA and DEC, respectively, in milli-arcseconds.

IFRAME.TXT used to be created by IFRAME.f with the understanding that, if it was needed, it would be run right after make_sumfiles. However, that was confusing and fraught with peril.

IFRAME.TXT is now used by OMEGA. It lets you get an approximate solution for the transformation from inertial to body-fixed and, if desired, to update the sumfile accordingly. Of course, since there are uncertainties in the nominal values, this isn't quite right, and you must run REGISTER to align with the current shape model.

Here is a sample IFRAME.TXT file:

    PICNM                  UTC                   SCOBJx              SCOBJy              SCOBJz            RA          DEC        TWIST       SRA         SDEC

P595033964F2    2018 NOV 09 11:11:36.008    0.1393877134D+03   -0.2052581418D+02   -0.9569192088D+01    -8.37947    -3.88812    88.65648   176.39833     2.27588
P595034390F2    2018 NOV 09 11:18:42.324    0.1393248422D+03   -0.2052504806D+02   -0.9564763229D+01    -8.37947    -3.88812    88.65648   176.40259     2.27349
P595034816F2    2018 NOV 09 11:25:48.640    0.1392619628D+03   -0.2052427823D+02   -0.9560332270D+01    -8.37947    -3.88812    88.65648   176.40685     2.27109
P595035242F2    2018 NOV 09 11:32:54.955    0.1391990760D+03   -0.2052351109D+02   -0.9555902818D+01    -8.38640    -3.88409    88.66071   176.41111     2.26869

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