Build a picture

Assuming that we still have XXXXX linked to the bigmap...

checkVar $ID $Res $logP

bigmap < nftConfig/nftBigmap-$ID-A.IN

echo ${ID}A> tmpRun
cat nftConfig/nftBigmap-$ID-$Res.IN >> tmpRun
bigMapRef < tmpRun

echo $ID$Res > MAPLIST.TXT

img=`head -2 nftConfig/nftBigmap-$ID-A.IN | tail -1`
echo $img > tmp
echo n >> tmp
Imager_MG < tmp

echo $img > tmp
echo y >> tmp
echo 0 >> tmp
echo n >> tmp
echo n >> tmp
/opt/local/spc/unsup/unsup_v3_0_3D_2018_12_03/bin/Display < tmp
#JRW Question: Immediately below we copy this and call it something different. Do we need this duplicated?
convert TEMPFILE.pgm $logP/$img.jpg

convert TEMPFILE.pgm 1.jpg
convert TEMPFILE.pgm $logP/eval-$ID-$img.jpg

echo XXXXXX | showmap
convert XXXXXX.pgm $logP/eval-show-$ID.jpg
score=`tail -2 SIGMAS.TXT | head -1 | cut -c 23-30`
mScore=`echo "scale=2; $score * 1000" | bc | cut -c -4`
convert SIGMAS.pgm   -fill white -gravity North -pointsize 15 -annotate +0+10 Max:${mScore}m   $logP/eval-sig-$ID.jpg
echo "mScore: $mScore" | tee -a notes


If needed set up shift $ID
echo $ID >> nftConfig/shift
vi nftConfig/shift

Edit shift to be pixels you have to drag the image to get it to the center

This makes the feature. If you've already done it once, you can add an 'n' to the end $ID

Finish it

checkVar $ID $Res $logP
echo 5 | nft.$ID


You can give it a GSD so that it will only compute that GSD. Thus, 35cm landmarks would be 0.3500 (it uses string matches from MAPINFO.TXT)


--- nft.$ID

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