Test F3F - Photometric Function


Goal: The photometric function of a surface is very difficult to constrain with a large number of physical processes and material types affecting it. Several models are routinely used to describe the photometric function within SPC (see above Figure). Here we will focus on the effect of three of them. While traditional 1D photoclinometry is highly dependent on the photometric model, SPC has other tools to reduce the effect of error in the photometric model and is not as sensitive to the exact photometric model being used. This test will demonstrate how much error remains in the shape depending upon which model and which form of which model is used. It will also evaluate if the rate at which the model converges is a function of the photometric function.

Test Set Up

Data: Approach, Preliminary Survey, and Detailed Survey PolyCam and MapCam Images:

Start: 35cm Preliminary Survey Shape Model and 150cm, 75cm, and 35cm global maplets


Sub-Test F3F-1

Sub-Test F3F-2

Sub-Test F3F-3

Test Procedures

Full test procedure details contained here: Test F3F-Photometric Function - Test Procedure.
Full processing states details contained here: Processing States.


Start Model
Clean Start Model:

Ingest Detailed Survey MapCam and PolyCam Images:

Sub-Test Model

20cm Tiling:

10cm Tiling:

5cm Tiling:




TestF3F - Results

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