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Category D

Version 3.0


ímage_map_stereo creates an image from a bigmap that shows the surface, using low-tech stereo -- two images side by side that you can get to cross if you defocus your eyes.

Input Files

  • Bigmap - filename given as stdin

Input stdin

  • /!\ No prompt is given for the name of the bigmap

  • A 6 character filename of a bigmap (which needs to be in ./MAPFILES). The program will append the required suffix "MAP" itself.
  • The program asks for slant angle. 0 is straight down. I assume it goes from 0 to 90 degrees.
     Enter slant angle (degrees)
     Input PICNM
  • /!\ This input looks like the name of an image that has a SUMFILE with it. I am guessing that this image contains the sun position and view angle for the map specified.


  • An output image, view.pgm


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